WHAV’s ‘Tenacity Challenge’

Take WHAV’s ‘Tenacity Challenge’ and Possibly Tell Your Story on the Radio

For those with business worries, there is a successful path forward for businesses working to rebound from the current crisis.

People are still spending, and tenacious merchants call attention to themselves with innovative approaches and resourceful thinking.

Lessons from the Great Recession of 2008, the “dot bomb” at the beginning of the 2000s and other downturns make it clear tenacious businesses fare best over the long term. In fact, businesses that continue making investments not only survive and prosper, but go on to take market share away from competitors and gain greater top-of-mind awareness among buyers and those very important influence people. There is much truth to the adage that one doesn’t get ahead by cutting back.

How is your business is being tenacious? Answer that one question below during WHAV’s “Tenacity Challenge” and you could be selected to be featured on the radio and online.

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