Election Day 2018: How Ballot Question Outcomes Could Impact the Commonwealth

WHAV Open Mic Show hosts Bill Macek and Bill Ellis hosted a discussion of the ballot questions on this week’s broadcast. (File photograph)

Ahead of Tuesday’s Election Day, this week’s Open Mic Show delved deeper into two of the questions voters will sound off on at the polls: Question 1, referring to patient limits for hospital nurses, and Question 3, which addresses transgender rights. On the show discussing Question 1 were advocate Donna Kelly-Williams, president of Massachusetts Nurses’ Association and dissenter Karen Moore, Lawrence General Hospital’s chief nursing officer. Question 3 was discussed by advocate Kasey Suffredini of the Freedom for All Americans campaign, and Andrew Beckwith, the president of the Massachusetts Family Institute, who is voting against. Question 2 on this year’s ballot asks voters to offer an opinion on campaign spending limits.

Ghost Hunter Spitalere Talks Haverhill’s Most Haunted Houses

From Haverhill’s initial founding in 1640, the city has been no stranger to paranormal activity, according to local ghost hunter Tom Spitalere. For WHAV’s first-ever Halloween Open Mic Show, the Essex County Ghost Project founder dished on city spirits with co-hosts Bill Macek and Bill Ellis. Recap Spitalere’s Oct. 22 appearance in the video below, where he recounts how he worked with a demonologist to rid a city home of particularly active spirits. The paranormal expert also shares his theory on a Bigfoot sighting at an apple orchard near Silver Hill in the 1960s—and recalls the time he once saw a possible UFO over Lafayette Square.

Third District Republican Candidate Green: How I’ll Keep Congress Accountable

Third district congressional candidate Rick Green (center) appeared on WHAV’s Open Mic Show on Oct. 8, 2018. (WHAV News photograph)

Republican Rick Green made a last-minute pitch to Haverhill voters over the WHAV airwaves this week, appearing on the Open Mic Show less than a month before residents of the 3rd district cast their votes for the candidate to succeed Congresswoman Niki Tsongas. Green, facing off against Democrat Lori Trahan, told Open Mic Show co-hosts Bill Macek and Bill Ellis during the Oct. 8 show that he knows right where he’ll start if he’s elected next month.

Haverhill’s VFW Santa Parade Is Nov. 18: Why the Iconic Parade Route Is Changing

With the fall soon comes the iconic Haverhill Santa Parade, taking place this year on Sunday, Nov. 18—the weekend before Thanksgiving. WHAV was first to report news of the VFW’s parade’s new route last month, and on Monday, parade representative Thomas J. Sullivan, also the City Council vice president, offered insight on just why the route has changed. Speaking to Open Mic Show co-hosts Bill Macek and Bill Ellis on the Oct. 1 episode, Sullivan—whose father was a VFW pioneer years ago—said organizers were simply ready for a change.

Haverhill School Supt: Need to Define Excellence and Be Consistent

WHAV Open Mic Show Bill Macek and Haverhill school Superintendent Margaret Marotta. (Chris Porter photograph for WHAV News.)

Haverhill school Superintendent Margaret Marotta says she has “three big buckets of work” ahead of her as she settles into her relatively new job. Speaking on WHAV’s Open Mic Show Monday night, she said those buckets involve equity—or fairness—and access to a high-quality education. However, she said, a third component is just as important. “You don’t want access and equity to mediocre things.

Haverhill’s River Ruckus Festival, Concert Is Saturday

Team Haverhill’s Keri Alves and Joe LeBlanc (center) joined Bill Macek on WHAV’s Open Mic Show to discuss the Sept. 22 River Ruckus event. (Chris Porter photograph for WHAV News)

Haverhill’s riverfront will be rockin’ on Saturday, Sept. 22 during the city’s annual all-day River Ruckus concert, food festival and fireworks display. Starting at noon, Washington Street will be closed to traffic as an antique car show, free Zumba class, beer garden and other activities take over the city’s business district.

Local Historian Spitalere Previews Haverhill’s Free ‘Trails & Sails’ Fall Events

The Essex National Heritage Area’s annual “Trails & Sails” weekend events are set for September 21-23 and 28-30, with nine of the 150 free events taking place right here in Haverhill. On the September 10 “Open Mic Show,” local historian Tom Spitalere—who serves as a tour guide for several events—joined hosts Bill Macek and Bill Ellis to preview the walking tours, paranormal experiences and other events on this year’s agenda. A sampling of Haverhill’s “Trails & Sails” Events include:

A Spiritual Quest Weekend at Hilldale Cemetery: Friday, Sept. 21, Saturday, Sept. 22 and Friday, Sept.

WHAV’s Ryan, Morgan Preview Hillies Football Season, Players to Watch

Haverhill, let’s get ready for some football! 97.9 FM WHAV is preparing to bring back weekly broadcasts of all Hillie football games and before the brown and gold take the field, Sports Director Paul Ryan and color commentator Tommy Morgan—a past quarterback who graduated in 2013—gave listeners an idea of what to expect this season. Chatting with Bill Ellis during the August 20 Open Mic Show, former Haverhill Gazette general manager Ryan said Morgan’s past suiting up with the Hillies provides listeners a view inside the team’s psyche. “He has a lot of familiarity with their offense and how they attack, and will be a great asset for our listeners because of his knowledge of the system,” Ryan said. In fact, Morgan told Ellis he coached several current senior Hillies during their freshman year at Haverhill High.