Essex County Community Foundation Names Lloyd as Next President

Stratton Lloyd becomes the new president and CEO July 1 of Beverly-based Essex County Community Foundation, a $130 million grantmaking organization. Lloyd, of Wenham, succeeds Beth Francis who announced her retirement last fall. Lloyd has served the Foundation for the past six years as executive vice president and chief operating officer. The organization said he was chosen for his experience, leadership skills and deep knowledge of the Foundation’s work and of Essex County. “What happens in Essex County matters to me, and I am thrilled for this opportunity to build on the Foundation’s 25-year history of collaborative work to create a vibrant and thriving region,” Lloyd said in a statement issued last Friday.” He added, “It’s clear that the role of our community foundation is to act as an anchor organization in the community, a place where we can come together across difference and create change together.”

The national search for the Foundation’s next leader included community input and expert guidance.

Woman Dies in 4-Alarm Georgetown House Fire that Began Late Saturday

A woman, initially rescued from a four-alarm Georgetown house fire Saturday night, later died of her injuries. The woman, who was not immediately identified by officials, was still inside when the Georgetown Fire Department was dispatched just before 11 p.m., Saturday night, to a single-family home at 238 E. Main St. Georgetown Fire Chief Matt McKay said in a statement firefighters learned on arrival that three residents were able to escape safely, but a woman was still inside. She was found on the second floor suffering from serious injuries. The woman was removed from the home through a second-floor window and brought down a ladder to safety.

Georgetown Police Arrest Haverhill Teen for Alleged Assault, More After Drinking Party

A Haverhill teen was arrested Thursday in Georgetown on a variety of charges, including assault and battery on a police officer, after an alleged drinking party. The 17-year-old boy, not identified because of his age, was arrested in connection with a drinking incident around 5:30 p.m. at American Legion Park, according to Police Chief David Sedgwick. He was charged with disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, assault and battery on a police officer, trespassing, being under 21 in possession of liquor and disturbing the peace

Police received reports that a group of people drinking alcohol on the beach, a violation of town bylaws. Officers found two males and four females socializing near a tree and several were in possession of alcohol. Everyone except the teen boy obeyed an order to disperse.

Judge Sends Haverhill Man, Found Guilty of Groveland Murder, to Life in Prison Without Possibility of Parole

Leedell Graham of Haverhill was sentenced Friday to life in prison without the possibility of parole for the 2019 murder of 82-year-old Patsy “Pat” Schena. A jury in Salem Superior Court found 53-year-old Graham guilty this past Tuesday of first degree murder with extreme atrocity or cruelty and breaking and entering with the intent to commit larceny over $1,200. Schena was killed inside his home on Governor’s Road in Groveland. The sentence was imposed by Judge Kathleen McCarthy-Neyman. “While no one can undo this horrific murder, we hope that the verdict in this case brings Mr. Schena’s family some small measure of peace in the knowledge that justice has been served,” said Essex County District Attorney Paul F. Tucker.

Similar to Haverhill, New Mobile Clinic Will Bring Care Directly to Methuen’s Unhoused Population

(Additional photograph below.)

A third mobile health clinic—the other two already serving Haverhill’s and Lawrence’s homeless—allows the Greater Lawrence Family Health Center’s homeless healthcare program to expand its direct-to-patient primary care into Methuen. During yesterday’s ribbon-cutting, Health Center President and CEO Guy L. Fish said, “It’s super, super important that we get under the bridges, to the shelters, to the hotels where new immigrant families are being housed, and bring healthcare to them because healthcare is a human right.” Mobile clinics are necessary for those who can’t navigate the hospital system, or don’t have the means to get there, he added. Roughly the size of a large RV, the brand-new vehicle has three rooms. In the frontmost, the three-to-five-person staff can do simple assessments—take vital signs, do lab work or offer vaccines, said Health Care for the Homeless Medical Director Dr. Ryan Dono. The middle one functions both as a waiting area and space for evaluation. The third room, separated by a door, looks like a scaled down doctor’s office, allowing staff to perform full physical exams.

He said they do mostly the same procedures as at their brick-and-mortar office, including women’s health exams, ultrasounds and treating Hepatitis C. “Being able to treat people for Hepatitis C in the moment is an amazing intervention,” he added.

UMass Lowell Researchers Study Whether Yoga May Help Manage Type 2 Diabetes

The practice of yoga has withstood the test of time with generations turning to it for spiritual, mental and health benefits. Now, UMass Lowell public health Associate Professor Herpreet Thind, among a group of researchers, is investigating whether the wellness practice can be used to help manage Type 2 diabetes. The National Institutes of Health-funded research comes as a growing number of people are diagnosed with diabetes. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the condition affects 38 million Americans—approximately 90% to 95% of whom have Type 2 diabetes. People with the disease can suffer from high blood sugar levels due to the body’s inability to effectively process insulin.

Vargas Receives Resident Backing for Narcan Bill Included in House Opioid Legislation

The Massachusetts House of Representatives last week passed an opioid bill, covering the licensing of recovery coaches, making opioid overdose reversal drugs more accessible, protecting harm reduction providers and removing barriers new mothers in recovery face when they give birth. Rep. Andy X. Vargas, who championed the legislation, won support from Haverhill resident and advocate Nate Robertson. “Opioid addiction has caused incredible damage to our communities, and I am proud that the Commonwealth has continued our steadfast commitment to dismantling stigma and supporting those struggling with addiction,” Vargas said. The bill still must be approved by the Senate and signed by the governor to become law. Vargas said the bill’s approach was shaped by a review of what other states were doing to save lives, included providing Narcan upon discharge from treatment facilities.

Superior Court Jury Convicts Haverhill Man in Murder of Former Groveland Building Inspector

A jury in Salem Superior Court convicted Leedell Graham of Haverhill for the 2019 murder of Patsy “Pat” Schena, who was 82 when he was killed inside his home on Governor’s Road in Groveland. Graham was found guilty of murder in the first degree with extreme atrocity or cruelty and breaking and entering with the intent to commit larceny over $1,200. Sentencing by Judge Kathleen McCarthy-Neyman is scheduled for Friday, June 21, at 9:30 a.m. in Salem Superior Court. “While no one can undo this horrific murder, we hope that the verdict in this case brings Mr. Schena’s family some small measure of peace in the knowledge that justice has been served,” Essex County District Attorney Paul F. Tucker said in a statement this morning. As WHAV reported five years ago, police said former Groveland building inspector Schena was said to have known Graham through “business dealings” not related to Schena’s town position.