Podcast: Whittier Tech’s Open House Looks to Future as Haverhill Population Climbs, Others Shrink

This year’s fall open house at Whittier Regional Vocational Technical High School has a new twist. Sunday’s open house follows the usual course of showcasing the school to potential students and their families, but this time there will be a session discussing plans to renovate or build a new school. Superintendent Maureen Lynch, a recent guest on WHAV’s morning program, spoke about putting the brakes on any talk of expanding the school. “We’re looking at that. I think we’re leaning toward keeping our school the same size, just for financial consideration of our communities.

The Night the Martian ‘Death Ray’ Missed Haverhill; ‘War of the Worlds’ Airs Saturday

Editor’s Note: This is an update of earlier versions of this story. Marking the 84th anniversary of the historic broadcast, 97.9 WHAV airs the original “Mercury Theater on the Air” presentation of the “War of the Worlds” after Haverhill’s trick or treat, at 10 p.m., Saturday, Oct. 29, with an encore three hours later at 1 a.m. 

The supposed Martian invasion of Earth and its aftermath 83 years ago this week didn’t seem to faze Greater Haverhill residents. In fact, most locals didn’t even know about the “death rays” that destroyed metropolitan New York the night before. That is, until they picked up their newspapers Monday, Oct.

WHAV to Relocate to Downtown Haverhill Studio Building that Still Bears Its Name

The WHAV call letters were first voiced on local radios during the spring of 1947, but the new station would not move into its new downtown studio building until the fall of that year. Now, 75 years later, today’s 97.9 WHAV is likewise going home to the art deco-styled structure. Today’s WHAV—like the original station—broadcasts from the Silver Hill transmitter and tower site. Its studios, now in the Ward Hill section of Haverhill, are in the process of returning to the building at 30 How St. that still bears its name.

Endicott College Senior Hemenway Joins WHAV as News Intern

WHAV has introduced Endicott College senior Megan Hemenway to its staff this fall as a full-time news intern. Hemenway is a communication major, studying for a career in writing. She currently runs Endicott’s on-campus radio station and is on track to graduate college early in December. At WHAV, she writes Community Spotlight articles and other local news. “Megan has already demonstrated she has a nose for news.

Podcast: Methuen Welcomes Wall That Heals, Vietnam Memorial Replica, Thursday-Sunday

The Wall That Heals, a three-quarter scale replica of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C., is in Methuen this week and open to the public 24 hours a day starting Thursday morning. The Wall That Heals also features a mobile Education Center, telling the story of the Vietnam War, The Wall and the divisive era in American history. The exhibit is on display from Thursday, at 9 a.m., through 2 p.m., Sunday, Oct. 2, at Pfc. Richard E Potter Field on Pelham Street.

Podcast: Basiliere on the Radio Tuesday Says Help Available to Veterans This Weekend

This weekend, military veterans may receive free peer support, suicide prevention counseling and other mental health help as the Warrior Support Task Force again sets up shop at Haverhill’s Vietnam Veterans Memorial. Services for area veterans will be made available Saturday and Sunday, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., at the Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial at Millbrook Park, 111 Mill St., near the entrance of Plug Pond, in Haverhill. Former interim Haverhill Veterans Services Officer Ralph T. Basiliere, chairman of Haverhill’s Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial Ad Hoc Commission, was a guest Tuesday on WHAV’s morning show. “We have hired a licensed mental health counselor that will provide services for five hours each day. We have a lawyer coming to answer questions for free for veterans.

Podcast: Saturday’s Performance of ‘The Abolitionist’s Refrain’ Tells Another Side of Poet Whittier

The aftermath of Haverhill poet John Greenleaf Whittier’s contributions to ending American slavery is the subject of “The Abolitionist’s Refrain,” to be performed Saturday, with the stage being Whittier Birthplace in Haverhill. “The Abolitionist’s Refrain” was created by playwright Michael Cormier, who recently appeared on WHAV’s morning program. “Most people don’t realize that he was an abolitionist and a very prominent one in earlier part of his life, and in 1865 that all changed, obviously with the end of the Civil War, the 13th Amendment came to pass. It was the following year that ‘Snowbound’ came out and, from then on, he was basically considered one of the Fireside Poets. That year was a very, very, important year in his life when he kind of changed gears, and that’s when the play takes place,” he said.

Podcast: Rep. Vargas Enjoyed a Front-Row Seat Watching EforAll Help Haverhill Startups

Lowell-based Entrepreneurship for All, which is opening a Haverhill office, has already helped launch Haverhill startups. As only WHAV reported last week, the group plans to celebrate Thursday its receipt of a $242,779 grant from the U.S. Economic Development Administration for its Haverhill satellite. State Rep. Andy X. Vargas, a former employee of EforAll, told WHAV he had a front row seat to observe the group’s successes. “I was fortunate enough out of college to have worked for them, for some time, as their marketing and communications lead, and saw all the amazing work that they did in getting entrepreneurs off the ground. There are several in Haverhill, actually, who have gone through the program already because they’ve gone to Lowell, or they’ve gone to Lawrence, where they have their offices and their programs,” he said.