Fiorentini, School Committee Outline Preliminary Timeline for Consentino Repairs

Superintendent Margaret Marotta and Mayor James J. Fiorentini pictured with Rep. Andy Vargas after being approved for grant money for Consentino Middle School Wednesday. (Courtesy photograph.)

Haverhill Public Schools is preparing to take the next steps towards major repairs for Consentino school and pursuing additional state aid to fund repairs for schools throughout the district. During Thursday’s School Committee meeting, Mayor James J. Fiorentini said the city is looking to put together plans to repair Consentino after being approved to receive grant money from the state’s School Building Authority Wednesday. The mayor said the grant will cover 70 percent of the repair costs. In order to move forward, a School Building committee must be formed by mid-March before hiring an owner’s project manager and architect for any repairs to the school.

Consentino Repairs, Anti-Bullying Policy Up for Discussion at Thursday’s School Committee Meeting

The Haverhill School Committee is expected to give an update of repairs for Consentino Middle School after the state’s School Building Authority approved the school for state aid Wednesday. (File photograph)

Members of Haverhill’s School Committee plan to take a closer look at just what’s needed for Consentino School repairs at Thursday’s meeting, which takes place less than 24 hours after the state School Building Authority approved the city’s request for state aid. Also on Thursday’s agenda an update on the district’s stance on bullying as a follow up to a recent policy subcommittee meeting. At the request of member Maura Ryan-Ciardiello, a discussion on services for students with dyslexia planned, with remarks expected from Katie Bresnahan Dinges. WHAV broadcasts the Haverhill School Committee meeting live from the Theodore A. Pelosi Jr. City Council Chambers, room 202, in City Hall starting at 7 p.m. only on 97.9 WHAV FM.

Council to Petition Fiorentini in Support of Higher Pay for Haverhill Plow Drivers

Many of Haverhill’s snow plow drivers say they are not being paid enough and took their arguments to the City Council Tuesday night. (File photograph.)

Haverhill’s City Council is advocating on behalf of the city’s snow plow drivers for higher pay after meeting with one of their representatives Tuesday night and voting unanimously to send a letter to Mayor James J. Fiorentini proposing this position. The representative for the drivers, Stephanie Lesiczka, met with the council alongside several dozen snow plow drivers present in the audience to argue drivers are not paid enough for their work. She said drivers in Haverhill make between $55 and $125 an hour, depending on the size of the equipment they use. They are hoping to make between $75 and $145.

Whittier Tech’s Shal Up for Nationally Recognized Scholarship Award

Whitter Tech Senior Emily Shal has a chance at being one of 20 high school seniors in the country to earn the title of CTE Presidential Scholar this April. (File photograph)

Whittier Regional Vocational Technical High School senior Emily Shal is one of only five Massachusetts students to be recognized as a U.S. Presidential Scholar nominee, her school confirmed this week. According to Superintendent Maureen Lynch, Shal was nominated in the program’s career and technical education category by guidance counselor Kristine Morrison, who recognized Shal’s ability to shine in the face of adversity. “Emily’s personal growth comes by way of the obstacles that she has overcome,” said Morrison of Shal, whose family emigrated to the U.S. from Russia. “This has lent to the mature, kind, compassionate young woman she has become.”

A licensed certified nursing assistant, Amesbury’s Shal plans to earn her EMT certification in January.

License Commission Rules Against Downtown Bar Where Man Allegedly Exposed, Fondled Himself

After postponing a hearing about New Lantern Café on Nov. 1, the Haverhill License Commission reconvened to address a crime committed outside the bar last August. (File photograph.)

The Haverhill License Commission ruled against a downtown bar and says they must add security measures after a man exposed and fondled himself in front of a woman and, allegedly, a child outside of the bar last August. On Thursday, commissioners voted two to one to have New Lantern Café, 246 Essex St., install security cameras in the rear of the building and face 90 days of probation, or a warning period. The ruling was handed down after 72-year-old John O. Perrault of 29 Sawyer St.

Bradford Christian Academy Considers Building Third School on Broadway

Since its opening in 2004, Bradford Christian Academy has boosted its number of students to more than 200, but these numbers are beginning to put a strain on the school. (File photograph.)

An excess number of students at Bradford Christian Academy has led administrators to explore the possibility of creating a third school on Broadway. According to President and Head of School Victoria Kennedy, the academy’s 215 students, split between the lower school at 97 Oxford Ave. for grades one through eight and the high school on 514 Main St., has led to it “growing beyond capacity.” The academy’s board of directors has hired Steve Sawyer, a civil engineer with Christiansen and Sergi, Inc., and Tom Hughes, a wetland scientist with Hughes Environmental Consulting in Newburyport, to determine whether a plot of land on 1104 Broadway would be suitable for building a third school. 1104 Broadway currently stands as the only property under agreement for the school to explore.

City Council to Address Final Steps of Marijuana Legislation in Haverhill

Marijuana legalization is in its final steps in Haverhill once city officials vote on regulations establishing where the product can be sold and how. (File photograph.)

Haverhill is gearing up for the sale of recreational and medical marijuana in the city, but will have to wait for the City Council to take a couple more steps to finalize the matter. According to the agenda for the council’s Dec. 11 meeting, an ordinance establishing a set of zoning rules and regulations for the sale of marijuana in Haverhill will be sent for approval by the Planning Board Jan. 9 before it goes back to the council for final approval Jan.

Council Subcommittee to Consider Options for New Haverhill Youth Soccer Field

UPDATE: A previous version of this story stated that Haverhill Youth Soccer has used fields at Whittier Regional Vocational Technical High School, when in fact they have used those at Whittier Middle School. WHAV regrets the error. Haverhill Youth Soccer wants the best fields possible for its hundreds of student athletes and is enlisting the help of city officials to achieve that goal. (File photograph.)

Representatives from Haverhill Youth Soccer are petitioning for a new field—or at the very least, repairs to existing turf—and a City Council subcommittee has agreed to explore possible upgrades. The city’s Natural Resources and Public Property subcommittee is set to address alternatives for Haverhill’s youngest players after soccer reps Evan Barman and Edward Felker came before the City Council this week.