Whittier Tech Metal Fabrication Students Undertake Rehab of Georgetown Police Cells

Whittier Tech Metal Fabrication students included, left, top row, Joseph Lafebvre, Tosh Napier, Oliver Noel and Katreina Green, and, bottom row, Hilde Vienneau. (Courtesy photograph.)

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Prisoner cells at Georgetown Police Station were recently rehabilitated by Metal Fabrication students at Whittier Regional Vocational Technical High School.

Seventeen students in different grades, working under the direction of Welding Instructor Steve Palmer, undertook the job after Georgetown Police Chief David Sedgwick raised concerns over existing issues. These included the quality of the sheet metals and brackets inside the prisoner cells and their risk to inmate safety.

“I couldn’t be prouder of, or more thankful to the students,” Sedgwick said. “They completed a job on-time, on-spec and to a high standard of quality.”

Students taking part included senior Anthony Ferullo of Haverhill; juniors Caleb Clocher of Amesbury, Ryan Deschenes of Haverhill and Aengus Longtin of Newburyport; sophomores Noah Allen, of Haverhill, Adrian Angeloni of Rowley, Elodie Bonfiglioli of Haverhill, Emma Casey of Georgetown. Katreina Green of Haverhill, Joseph Lefebvre of Haverhill, Tosh Napier of Rowley, Oliver Noel of Amesbury, Taylor Robinson of Amesbury, Emme Roy of Salisbury, Ryan Savage of Newburyport, Hilde Vienneau of Groveland and Zachary Zimmerman of Newbury.

The project consisted of an initial site visit to assess needs, the production of mock-ups, test-fitting of mock-ups, revisions and adjustments and a final site visit to install the new sheet metal parts and brackets.

“The job was a win-win for everyone,” Whittier Tech Superintendent Maureen Lynch said. “Our students obtained valuable on-site experience, and the department now enjoys better safety features, which benefits the entire community.” Palmer added, “On this occasion, the students both did a good job, and improved the capability of the police to serve our community.”

Whittier Tech and Georgetown Police Department have worked together before. In the fall of 2023, the school’s Culinary Arts Program prepared and supplied cookies and pastries for Sedgwick’s swearing-in ceremony.

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