Black Bear Strolls Through Haverhill Neighborhood; Police Suggest Precautions

Black bear checks out the area not far from Plug Pond in Haverhill. (Courtesy photograph.)

Residents kept their distance, but were still dismayed by the sighting of a black bear wandering through their neighborhood Monday morning near Haverhill’s Plug Pond.

Haverhill Police, Animal Control and Conservation Department monitored the situation, but emphasized resident should never approach the bear and take other safety precautions. Windsor Street resident Lynda Brown told WHAV of her experience just after 9 a.m.

“My husband saw the bear first. I was just coming in from watering my plants out front. I walked into the house and my husband (John Yannalfo), who was standing at the kitchen sink, said, ‘Lynda, there’s a black bear in our driveway!’ I didn’t believe him until he said it a third time! The bear went into our back yard,” she said.

From there, she added, “The bear crossed our yard and went running up Windsor Street in other neighbors’ yards.  The animal officer and police officer were on the street monitoring the situation.”

Haverhill Police confirmed receiving “multiple calls of a black bear seen in the area of Windsor Street, Mill Street and Lake Saltonstall (Plug Pond) area. They warned residents not to approach or feed bears, remove outdoor bird feeders, secure any chickens or small livestock, lock up garbage and pet and livestock food, advise children to not run from bears and keep dogs on leashes.

Despite being a city, Haverhill Police Chief Robert P. Pistone reminded residents the community with its wooded and rural areas has long co-existed with its animal neighbors.

“We have a very thriving wildlife population including deer, bobcats and, even once in a while, moose traveling through the city. So long as there not a danger to the public, it is best they be left along to return to their habitat,” he said.

Retired Haverhill Police Detective Daniel McDonald, who now serves as a part-time conservation officer, was one among those keeping tabs on the bear.

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