Podcast: MacDougall-Tattan Signing Copies of Her Book ‘Biz’s Journey Home’ at Firefighting Museum

Jean MacDougall-Tattan, author of “Biz’s Journey Home.” (WHAV News photograph.)

A blend of historic firefighting equipment and the love of horses, comes together this Saturday at the Haverhill Firefighting Museum.

Local author Jean MacDougall-Tattan, a former member of the museum’s board of directors, will be reading aloud and signing copies of her new book “Biz’s Journey Home,” a story she says is for people who love horses and wonder what they are saying. MacDougall-Tattan was a recent guest on WHAV’s Win for Breakfast program, and says it took a time to find a publisher.

“When the book was first written, and rejected so many times by publishers, it was all written from the horses’ perspective, to give people an understanding of how horses might think about us and the way we treat them. Back in those days, which was about 19 years ago, I couldn’t get any publishers who wanted talking horses in a book,” she explains.

MacDougall-Tattan says the story revolves around a real-life situation.

“I was a horse massage therapist, and I would be in and out of barns massaging horses. I just started to notice that people were not treating their horses as kindly as I do, treating them more like they were possessions than they were living creatures. That kind of goes against the grain of me. So, the novel, it’s fiction, but then there are some real life events that are woven into it.”

She said she was saved by a horse that she, herself, saved.

“When we took our horse in, he was about 15 years old, and he wasn’t in the best of shape. He was under weight. He was completely unfit. It didn’t seem like he had anybody in his life for a very long time. So, we took him into our home and made him a part of our family, and he protected me.”

MacDougall-Tattan’s book, “Biz’s Journey Home,” was originally around 100 pages. However, after working with the publisher, All Things That Matter press in Maine, the book grew to over 500 pages. It is being turned into a trilogy with the second book to be released this fall.

The book will be available, Saturday, June 1, from 12:30-2:30 p.m. at the Haverhill Firefighting Museum, 75 Kenoza Ave., Haverhill, for $17 with 20% of the proceeds going to the museum.

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