Groveland Police Chief Gillen Reminds Residents to Steer Clear Under Vulnerable Road Users Law

Bicycle safety warning sign.

Groveland Police Chief Jeffrey T. Gillen and his department are advising drivers to make room for others under the state’s new Vulnerable Road Users Law that took effect this past spring.

The law requires drivers in Massachusetts to allow at least four feet of safe passing distance when driving by a stopped or vulnerable road user. Vulnerable road users include people walking or biking; roadside workers; those using a wheelchair or other personal mobility device; people who use skateboards, scooters or roller skates; those riding horses or horse-drawn carriages; people operating farm equipment or heavy machinery; and law enforcement or public safety vehicles with or without emergency lights illuminated.

“Residents and community members should be mindful of the new law and adhere to posted signage to help maintain a safe community for drivers and those who use other modes of transportation,” said Gillen.

Drivers are allowed to cross a double yellow line to adhere to the law.

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