Podcast: WHAV Goes ‘Behind the Mic’ with Community Spotlight’s Jenifer Cosgrove

WHAV Community Spotlight announcer Jenifer Cosgrove in the main studio. (WHAV News photograph.)

The announcing staff at WHAV is more than a collection of voices. They are a gathering of individuals who care about serving the community.

On a recent “Win for Breakfast” morning segment—the first of series featuring those “Behind the Mic—Jenifer Cosgrove stopped by to share her story. She began volunteering at WHAV in 2019, reading Community Spotlight messages, heard at quarter past every hour, 24-hours a day. Hearing Cosgrove’s voice over the radio still catches some of her Holy Family Hospital co-workers by surprise. She works at the hospital as a nurse.

“It is kind of funny. Every once in awhile one of them will come in and say ‘I heard you on the radio the other day. I completely forgot you were doing that, and there you were. I know that voice!’”

She has been heard more than 26,000 times over WHAV. Beyond WHAV’s Community Spotlight, Cosgrove delivers other media experience.

“I had a podcast that’s currently on hold for a little bit, ‘Overnight Observations with Jen the R.N.,’ just kind of a different sort of take on nursing and the things that we see. Some things you really have to, kind of, take a step back and make a joke about it, not being insensitive or anything like that, but just to kind of take that breath to carry on and do what we need to do. And, some things are kind of funny. You can’t help but chuckle at some of the things that go on,” she explains.

And when Cosgrove is not serving up Community Spotlight information, or helping people with their health, she is working on her own conditioning, and this year—surprise—ran in the London Marathon.

“I got into the London Marathon because I entered. They were doing a lottery, as they do every year, and runners can submit their names. But, for about six years, I’ve been throwing my name in there just for fun because I thought ‘I’d love to go to London, that might be fun’ and people I know have talked it up, that have actually run it. And, this is my year, and it was an amazing experience,” she says.

Cosgrove finished the London Marathon in a little more than six hours and 30 minutes.

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