Yes for Consentino! Yes for Haverhill! Campaign Reminds Voters Special Election About a Month Off

Architect’s rendering of planned new Dr. Albert B. Consentino School.

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The “Yes for Consentino! Yes for Haverhill!” campaign is reminding residents that a special election, asking voters to support a debt exclusion to finance the construction of a new Dr. Albert B. Consentino School, is only about a month away.

The ballot question asks, “Shall the city of Haverhill be allowed to exempt from the provisions of Proposition two and one-half, so called, the amount s required to pay costs of constructing a new Dr. Albert B. Consentino Middle School located at 685 Washington St. in Haverhill, Mass., including the payment of all costs related to designing the project, demolishing the existing building, equipping and furnishing the school, site improvements and all other costs incidental and related thereto?”

The special election is Tuesday, June 6. Voters may vote in person at their usual polling places. Mail-in ballots were sent out by the Haverhill City Clerk’s office and early in-person voting takes place from Wednesday, May 31, through Saturday, June 3.

The Haverhill For Consentino ballot question committee includes Chairman Nathan Hartwell and Treasurer Heidi Blanchet. The campaign describes itself as is “a grassroots, city wide effort to engage voters to support a Debt Exclusion to finance the construction of the new Consentino Middle School.”

In a statement, the Committee said, “Debt exclusions are commonly used in Massachusetts communities to finance major capital projects while protecting valuable operating revenue. In 2014, Haverhill voters overwhelmingly supported a debt exclusion for the new (Caleb Dustin) Hunking Middle School building in a special election.

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