Haverhill Schools Receive Grant to Expand Preschool Opportunities

(WHAV News file photograph.)

A five-year long effort to receive a grant from the state to help expand preschools has finally come to fruition for Haverhill Public Schools.

The Commonwealth Preschool Partnership Initiative grant provides money to expand high-quality pre-kindergarten or preschool opportunities for children three and four years old.  Speaking before the Haverhill School Committee on Thursday, Kristi-Lynn Craig, director of the Moody School Early Childhood Center, said the grant totaling $744,000 a year for up to three years will do much to provide greater access to preschool programs.

“So, we’re looking at ways to provide more equity between our programs around curriculum and assessment as well as ways to get families to preschool opportunities and expanding, potentially, seat offerings for families as well,” she explained.

School Superintendent Margaret Marotta told the Committee the eventual goal of the grant is to provide universal, free Pre-K for four-year olds.

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