Haverhill City Council Grants Permit for Condominiums on Eighth Ave.

Townhouse-style building is being proposed by Michael Cassell.

The Haverhill City Council approved a special permit Tuesday night for the construction of a new, three-unit condominium building on Eighth Avenue.

Snow Cassell of Haverhill won a permit for a townhouse-style building similar to one it built on the same street two years ago. Developer Michael Cassell’s application, submitted by attorney Michael J. Migliori, noted the property at 10-12 Eighth Ave. is vacant and located in a residential high-density zone. While councilors were supportive of the project overall, Councilor Thomas J. Sullivan asked for additional landscaping to blunt the look of the proposed building.

“I’m not crazy about townhouses that are built sideways but in this particular neighborhood, it works. But, I do hope that they will soften it a little bit because there isn’t much landscaping on that street as it is,” he said.

Migliori said his client agrees and councilors went on to approve a special permit, pending approval by all relevant departments, by a unanimous 9-0 vote.

The side-by-side units will each feature a garage and utility level with two floors of living space above and an unfinished attic. Each unit will also have two designated parking spaces with additional off-street parking for three more behind the building.

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