Endicott College Offers Annual Parent Autism Conference April 29

Endicott College’s Institute for Applied Behavioral Science is hosting the upcoming “Annual Parent Autism Conference.”

A panel, “Powerful Autistics Coming Together: Sharing Perspectives of Three Autistic Women,” is moderated by Dr. Anika Hoyjberg, of Endicott College, and speakers include Brielle Williams, an Endicott graduate student who is the oldest of seven neurodiverse siblings; Audrey Vogel, a Behavior Analyst Certification Board student doing clinical work; and Kaelynn Partlow, a Registered Behavior Technician who recently appeared on the Netflix series, “Love on the Spectrum.”

“This conference is a must for parents, clinicians and those who study autism,” said Dr. Mary Jane Weiss, dean of the Institute for Applied Behavioral Science. “We’re certain those who attend will be enriched by the material presented and will take away critical information on how to proceed with their studies and their work with autistic individuals.”

The free forum also features workshops for families of those diagnosed with autism. The conference takes place Saturday, April 29, from 10 a.m.-2 p.m., online.

Those wishing more information or to register may click here.

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