Methuen Mayor Perry Says in Official Video He is Returning to Work Remotely

Methuen Mayor Neil Perry as seen in video released March 30.

Methuen Mayor Neil Perry said in a video released Thursday that he is now working remotely as he recovers from what he called an “experience that happened” during a routine dialysis appointment.

Seated in a wheelchair, Perry thanked his fellow elected officials and department leaders who “picked up the slack” during his six-week absence

“The good news is, I’m on the mend and working on these legs to get them back in shape,” he said.

Methuen confirmed in mid-February, the mayor was at Beth Israel Hospital in Boston after he “experienced some health issues.” At-Large Councilor David P. Beauregard Jr. has been serving as Methuen’s acting mayor, but Perry said he is now on the job.

“I’m thrilled to tell you tonight that I’m back to work remotely and addressing the city’s issues day to day, and boy does it feel good to do so,” he said.

The mayor offered reassurances to the public, saying, “While we’re going through this—while I’m working remotely—even though my legs aren’t working, this city remains in good hands.”

Perry also took time to thank those who have wished him well.

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