Boston Bruins Anthem Singer Angilly to Perform at Methuen Flag Replacement Event

Boston Bruins anthem singer Todd Angilly. (Courtesy photograph.)

Boston Bruins official anthem singer Todd Angilly is booked to sing the National Anthem at Methuen’s annual Flag Replacement Event this spring.

Methuen Mayor Neil Perry and Veterans’ Services Director Paul Jensen said Wednesday the performance takes place Saturday, May 20, 8:30 a.m.-noon at Elmwood Cemetery. Every Memorial Day throughout Massachusetts, flags are placed on the graves of every veteran who served in the Armed Forces of the United States.

According to the Bruins, Angilly, a Warwick, R.I., native,  is trained as an opera singer from his time at the New England Conservatory, and has performed for all five Boston professional sports teams.

“On the surface, it appears a rather daunting task,” said Jensen. “We have some 5,000 veterans in graves spread across nine cemeteries throughout the city, some dating back to the Civil War.” He said volunteers from city civic and youth groups and students lead this honored tradition.

“Rather than having adults lead the event with many of our young people participating, our great young student leaders lead the event with adults as mentors and everyone else pitching in to help,” he said. One of the young leaders stepping up is Jr ROTC Commander Nathaniel Hashem.

Hashem said he looks forward to the event as it is his last as commander. Other members of the team include Adjutant Olivia Murphy; Brian Congo, operations; Xzylon Rivera and Rafael Polanco, supply; and Eleanor Murphy, public relations. In addition to Methuen schools, support is also being provided by the Greater Lawrence Technical School under the leadership of student Mia Copin.

Others available to volunteer are asked to call the Veterans Office at 978-983-8585.

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