With Perry Sick, At-Large Councilor Beauregard Steps in as Methuen’s Acting Mayor

At-Large Councilor David P. Beauregard Jr. (Courtesy photograph.)

At-Large Councilor David P. Beauregard Jr. is serving as Methuen’s acting mayor in light of the hospitalization of Mayor Neil Perry.

As WHAV reported earlier this week, Perry “experienced some health issues” and was sent to Beth Israel Hospital in Boston for tests.

A joint Mayor’s office and City Council statement Wednesday reported Beauregard is as acting mayor in accordance with the city’s Home Rule Charter and a Jan. 17, 2023 unanimous vote of the City Council naming Beauregard to serve in Perry’s absence. Under the city’s ordinances, the City Council annually elects one of its members to serve as acting mayor when required.

“Under the Charter, when the mayor is unable to perform the duties of the mayor’s office for a period of three successive working days or more, the acting mayor serves in the mayor’s absence.”

The statement added, “The office of the mayor and the Methuen City Council remain dedicated in their efforts to maintain the daily operations of the City and are united in wishing Mayor Perry a speedy recovery.”

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