Mirra Remains Voting State Representative as House Awaits Election Decision

Massachusetts State House. (Photograph by King of Hearts. Creative Commons.)

The state House of Representatives yesterday gaveled in a new two-year session, which will include state Rep. Lenny Mirra—at least until the outcome of his district’s disputed election is decided.

Representatives voted quickly to stick with Speaker Ronald Mariano and give the Quincy Democrat another term as House leader. House Dean Kevin Honan handled things until Mariano was elected speaker on the strength of 131 votes, with Republican Rep. Bradley Jones of North Reading getting 25 votes and returning to the minority leader’s post he has long held.

Mariano said Tuesday night the House would pause the inauguration of Rep.-elect Kristin Kassner of Hamilton and Rep.-elect Margaret Scarsdale of Pepperell to give a panel time to affirm they won their races. Kassner appeared to defeat incumbent Rep. Lenny Mirra by one vote following a recount. Mirra is challenging the outcome in court.

The special committee issued a report-in-part that Mirra of Georgetown shall continue to represent the 2nd Essex District until a determination is made as to the winner of the most recent election in that district. And until a representative is chosen and qualified, the 1st Middlesex seat last held by former Rep. Sheila Harrington shall remain vacant. The remaining representatives-elect are duly chosen and qualified.

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