Hamilton Prepares to Serve Haverhill and Methuen as State Representative

Rep. Ryan M. Hamilton represents Haverhill and Methuen. (WHAV News photograph.)

In slightly more than two weeks, the new legislative session begins at the State House with freshman Rep. Ryan M. Hamilton taking his seat on behalf of Haverhill and Methuen.

Hamilton, who was elected to the 15th Essex District, was a recent guest on WHAV’s morning program. He explained he has been tutored by retiring state Rep. Linda Dean Campbell.

“The representative has been great. We’ve talked numerous times on the phone and we sat down in person twice so far with at least one more to come. Her, and her office, have been fantastic in terms of what really giving me an understanding of what they did, what projects still are yet to be completed and how I can really help complete them for the residents of the 15th District,” he explained.

One aspect of the job is serving on legislative committees. Hamilton said he isn’t revealing his preferred committees just yet, but he has been giving it a lot of thought.

“We were very fortunate this week. We were actually out at UMass-Amherst for two and a half days, the whole freshman class of senators and representatives where we really got an orientation on what it’s like to be a state representative and that’s been extremely helpful. We went through most of the committees, what they do, which was really great to supplement the research that I have already done on certain committees. It was really helpful to get a rundown, spend a couple of days with your class, and bond, and grow together. It was a lot of fun,” he said.

Hamilton, along with the rest of the legislature, will be sworn into office on Jan. 4. Lawmakers starting their first term share space during the orientation process.

“All the new legislators, for the first couple of months once they get sworn in, go to a place in the State House called “the bullpen” which is an area where we are all kind of thrown together, all getting to know each other even more than we already do. That is where will we will stay for the first month or two until we get placed in an office,” he said.

The newly redrawn 15th Essex district covers parts of Haverhill and Methuen. Hamilton said he is in the process of hiring a legislative assistant.

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