DiZoglio Taps Weinreich to Lead State Auditor Transition; Both Share Opposition to NDAs

Sen. Diana DiZoglio, right, and Rep. Alyson Sullivan called on Auditor Suzanne Bump to look at non-disclosure agreements during a 2019 press conference at the Statehouse. (Courtesy photograph.)

A North Andover woman, who led the town in banning the use of taxpayer-paid nondisclosure agreements, has been named as director of state Auditor-elect Diana DiZoglio’s transition team.

Sasha Weinreich’s job will be to “move the auditor-elect’s commitments forward and ensure the new administration’s readiness on Jan. 18.” She is a former chair of the North Andover Finance Committee and the youngest in its history to serve in that capacity.

“This is an incredible opportunity to serve the residents of the Commonwealth and ensure a smooth transition for the auditor-elect,” Weinreich said. “I’m ready to help move the Commonwealth forward with a critical foundation of transparency, accountability and equity for the office.”

When launching her bid for state auditor, DiZoglio said, one of her goals is to “shine a bright light on the abuse of nondisclosure agreements—known as NDAs, for short—that have been used by the politically powerful to silence victims about harassment, discrimination and abuse across our government.” As a state senator, DiZoglio called such agreements as “hush” money to “silence employees and victims of abuse.”

During a debate on sexual harassment policies in 2018, DiZoglio broke the non-disclosure agreement she signed years earlier when she was fired as a House aide.

“During her time as Finance Committee chair in North Andover, Sasha proved herself to be a skilled champion of transparency,” said DiZoglio. “She will work to ensure an inclusive and accessible transition process. All families—regardless of background, bank balance or zip code—deserve accountability from our state government, and her work will be critical in that mission.”

Weinreich serves as the director of portfolio management for real estate firm Eden Properties and president and director of Cyrus Boston. DiZoglio’s office said she brings extensive experience in finance and operations to the transition team as the auditor-elect prepares to assume the position of Massachusetts’ chief accountability officer.

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