Haverhill Honors Girl Scout Hobbs for Life-Saving Rescue of Four-Year-Old Cousin

A 14-year-old Haverhill Girl Scout was honored last week by the City of Haverhill for her successful life-saving efforts last spring.

Samantha Hobbs was recognized during last week’s Haverhill City Council meeting. Hobbs, who also received the Girl Scouts of America Medal of Honor, is credited with saving the life of her four-year-old cousin after he fell into a swimming pool and became trapped underwater. Heather DiProfio, of Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts, told councilors what happened.

“On June 4, 2022, Samantha Hobbs was enjoying a swim at her grandmother’s house. Samantha noticed her four-year-old cousin Carter leaned into the pool to grab a toy when he slipped into the pool. Carter’s foot was caught between the deck and the pool wall and was forced under water. Samantha swam over to Carter while shouting at another cousin to go get help from the adults. Samantha quickly pulled Carter’s head above water and freed his leg. Samantha then took Carter to the stairs while keeping his head above water. Samantha’s calm and quick reaction saved Carter’s life,” she explained.

In addition to the Girl Scouts’ national recognition, Hobbs received a citation for her heroism from the Haverhill City Council as well as a certificate from Mayor James J. Fiorentini.

Hobbs also received recognition and thanks from Sgt. Kevin Lynch of the Haverhill Police Department who called her a role model for her peers.

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