Podcast: Salvation Army of Haverhill Plans Focus on Teen Depression, but Kettle Collections Fall Behind

The Salvation Army in Haverhill finds itself behind this year in raising money for its donations to families—particularly important this year as the charity turns its attention to a rise in teenage depression.

Major Lynnann Rivers, a recent guest on WHAV’s morning program, says, to date, collections are about a third of normal are at this point in the season.

“We’re doing more services with less available resources. The cost cuts just aren’t just rising for residents, they’re rising for businesses and nonprofits as well. And, we’ll need monetary donations not just at Christmas when we are out at a kettle, but throughout the year to be able to keep our doors open and our services running,” she says.

Rivers says Salvation Army Red Kettles are at area Market Baskets, Shaw’s and Walmart, and some stores are offering countertop kettles and collection cans. Many of the kettles have QR codes to quickly make online donations. Others may send a check to the Salvation Army at 395 Main St., Haverhill MA 01830, or through the Salvation Army Haverhill Facebook page. Red Kettle volunteers are needed as well for minimum two-hour shifts.

Rivers adds this year the Salvation Army is making a shift in its gifting program.

“This year, we have decided to provide gifts for the teenagers. Statistics show that teenagers are suffering with depression more than ever. Their mental health is suffering because of so many outside forces on them and not being able to still be children, they’re being forced to be adults,” she explains.

Right now, Rivers says they have around 200 teens already registered, but they can’t take on any more.

“There are many ways for people to help with that program. We have a Walmart Registry for Good. So, you just go on Walmart’s website and search for ‘Registry for Good’ and you can find the Salvation Army there. Those items, if you purchase items on the registry, are mailed directly to us. You don’t have to worry about dropping them off. On our Facebook page is a list of gift items and when they can be dropped off at our location,” Rivers says.

Those with questions may email Major Lynnann Rivers at [email protected] or call 978-374-7571.

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