Groveland and Methuen Prepare to Welcome Police Accreditation Teams in December

Massachusetts Police Accreditation Commission.

Both Groveland and Methuen are preparing to welcome assessors from Massachusetts Police Accreditation Commission.

Groveland Police Chief Jeffrey T. Gillen said a team is scheduled to visit Dec. 7 and 8, while Methuen Chief Scott J. McNamara said a team arrives Dec. 13. Assessors examine department policies and procedures, operations and facilities as part of the voluntary evaluation by which police departments strive to meet and maintain standards that have been established for the profession, by the profession.

The Groveland Police Department achieved certification in September 2021. Certification means the department met or exceeded 159 mandatory standards in areas such as officer and public safety, high liability/risk management issues and operational efficiency. Methuen’s initial certification took place Oct. 16, 2022 and the department is now being assessed for Accelerated Accreditation.

The Massachusetts Police Accreditation Program consists of 257 mandatory standards as well as 125 optional standards. To achieve Accreditation status, a department must meet all applicable mandatory standards as well as 55% of the optional standards.

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