Groveland Plans to Conduct Sewer Smoke Testing This Week to Look for Any Leaks

A sewer manhole in Springdale, Ar., with smoke from testing for leaks. (Photograph by Brandonrush. Creative Commons.)

“White smoke” is being blown into Groveland sewer pipes this week to check for outside water leaking into the system.

Groveland Water and Sewer Department Superintendent Colin Stokes says smoke testing planned this week is dependent on weather. Specific dates and times will be announced when available. He said those customers directly affected will be notified.

Officials say smoke testing is an important part of the Department’s Sewer Infiltration and Inflow Program, required by the state Department of Environmental Protection. As a part of the tests, white smoke will be blown into the sanitary sewer lines under streets to determine where outside sources of water may be entering Groveland’s sewer system.

Those with questions about smoke testing may call Stokes at 978-556-7220.

A Groveland Water and Sewer Department map showing the subareas where sewer smoke testing will take place.

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