Podcast: September Muck March in Haverhill to Benefit Veteran Trauma Relief Programs

Staff Sgt. Herbert Dungca, left, and Senior Airman Jonathan Howard pick up the pace during the 436th Security Forces Squadron’s 11th Annual Ruck March held March 20, 2010, at Dover Air Force Base, Del. The annual 6.2-mile march is a fundraiser to honor the veterans of the Korean War who fought in the Battle of the Chosin Reservoir. Dungca and Howard are Air Force Mortuary Affairs Operations Center dignified transfer team members. (U.S. Air Force photo/Jason Minto.)

Trauma relief programs for veterans and their spouses will benefit from a 24-hour fundraising Muck March next month.

The event supports Mission 22, a nationwide nonprofit with a goal of helping and supporting, veterans and their families and raising awareness of veteran suicide. U.S. Air Force veteran Jim Taylor, a recent guest on WHAV’s morning program, said Recover Resiliency is the organization’s biggest program.

“We have a 12-month program for combat veterans, and then we have a six-month program for veterans. All our programs are for veterans that have PTS, post-traumatic stress, terminal brain injury and military sexual trauma,” he explained.

Mission 22 also offers a six-month spousal program since spouses often suffer just as much as veterans.

“In this program it’s an all-encompassing mind, body, wellness approach. It’s not a pharmaceutical program, and everything is completely free to the participant. We also offer, for veterans that have financial hardships, gym sponsorships and Amare Wellness supplements which are science-backed supplements for sleep, mood and mental health as well,” Taylor noted.

The 24-hour Muck March takes place Saturday, Sept. 24, beginning at 9 a.m., around the track at Northern Essex Community College in Haverhill. It ends at 9 the following morning. Taylor will be walking the track each hour for 50 minutes, taking a 10-minute break every hour. He’ll be wearing a 22- pound Muck Sack the entire time, in honor of Mission 22.

“Typically, what it was used for was moving a lot of equipment from one place to another over a long distance. You just throw everything on everybody’s back and away you go. So, it’s kind of evolved from there,” he explained.

Taylor said the Muck March is open to the public, and donations may be made on-site or online at mission22.com, where there is more information. Mission 22 also has branches in Germany and Japan. Its services are free to veterans and their families.

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