DiZoglio Transportation Bond Additions Target Route 125 Fixes at Haverhill/Andover Line, More

Farrwood Drive property owner Katie Pikus points out traffic conditions along Boston Road (Route 125) in 2020 with Sen. Diana DiZoglio, neighbor Cathy Bartlett, City Councilor Thomas J. Sullivan and Hannah Dudley, aide to Rep. Christina Minicucci. (WHAV News photograph.)

Troubled and congested streets in Haverhill, Methuen and North Andover are slated for improvement from a state transportation bond bill if amendments pushed through by Sen. Diana DiZoglio survive the governor’s scrutiny.

Under the measure, Haverhill will receive money for bridge, road, sidewalk and crosswalk repairs and upgrades throughout the city, including safety improvements at the intersection of Route 125 and Farrwood Drive.

“Our cities and towns need support as they embark on greatly needed infrastructure projects designed to keep our roads, bridges, sidewalks and crosswalks safe for the public,” said DiZoglio. She said her additions to the bill won the unanimous support of colleagues in the Senate.

Haverhill Mayor James J. Fiorentini called the Route 125 near Farrwood Drive “a busy and important gateway into Haverhill from North Andover, but added, “It is also a high-traffic area with a history of safety issues.” He explained the intersection “is close to the new and growing Amazon facility in North Andover and near several potential mixed-use developments on the horizon in Haverhill.”

Haverhill City Councilor Thomas J. Sullivan has previously pushed the state to address safety issues, meeting with legislators and neighbors and before the full City Council.

DiZoglio’s amendments also target safety improvements at the intersection of East Street, Prospect Street and Milk Street in Methuen. The city will also receive help with safety improvements along the walking routes to its four K-8 schools, including repairs, upgrades and new sidewalks.

Methuen Mayor Neil Perry said money in the transportation bond issue allows “adding various traffic controls and lighting to a confusing, five-way intersection in the center of a residential area that is adjacent to an assisted living facility.”

North Andover, which will receive resources for the construction of new sidewalks on Sutton Street between McEvoy Field and Chadwick Street. North Andover will also receive money for design, engineering and permitting of downtown streetscape improvements.

“These investments along Sutton Street and downtown in North Andover are critical to advancing the town’s high priority projects to improve pedestrian and transportation infrastructure,” said North Andover Assistant Town Manager Andrew Shapiro.

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