Beede Waste Oil Superfund Site Work Continues with Excavation and Restoration

Beede Waste Oil Site, Plaistow, N.H. (Courtesy photograph.)

Plaistow, N.H., is advising residents of the next phase of cleanup at the Beede Waste Oil Superfund site.

Surveys, excavation and other activities are planned this summer and continuing in the fall, as part of, what is called, the “Lower Landfill and Sediment Excavation Remedy.”

Site preparation activities include a vibration survey, invasive plant management, installation of erosion controls and preparation of excavated soil management areas. Other construction activities include installation of a temporary sheet pile wall, excavation of soil in the lower landfill area, removal of the oil interceptor trench, excavation of sediment between the trench and Kelly Brook, backfill of excavation areas and restoration of lower landfill and sediment areas.

Beede was the site of several oil-related operations, including waste oil processing and resale, fuel oil sale, contaminated soil processing into cold-mix asphalt, anti-freeze recycling and other related industries from the 1920s to 1994.

Those with questions may call Mike Skinner at 865-429-5336 or email [email protected].

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