Sen. Finegold Hails Committee Agreement on Continuing Mail-In, Early Voting in State

Sen. Barry R. Finegold. (WHAV News photograph.)

The Massachusetts State Senate Thursday approved a compromise bill that continues mail-in and early voting options that were used at the height of the pandemic, increases ballot access for voters with disabilities and service members overseas and modernizes election administration.

Sen. Barry R. Finegold, Senate chair of the Joint Committee on Election Laws and senate chair of the Voter Opportunities, Trust, Equity and Security—VOTES, for short—Act Conference Committee said this week the bill will “empower voters and strengthen our democracy.”

“In 2020, mail-in and early voting options helped generate record-breaking turnout. It is now time to build on this progress and enact long-lasting voting reforms,” Finegold said, adding, “The VOTES Act is a big step in the right direction and will help ensure that every voter can exercise their fundamental right to vote.”

Finegold said there is more to do, including enacting same-day voter registration, He thanked conference committee co-chair Michael J. Moran for his partnership and collaboration, and others involved in the process.

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