Methuen Mayor Fires Police Capt. Gallant Following Pay Raise Contract Investigation

Capt. Gregory Gallant. (Courtesy photograph.)

A Methuen police captain, on leave since the end of 2020 in connection with department pay raises, was fired Thursday by Mayor Neil Perry.

Capt. Gregory Gallant was fired “following the completion of an extensive internal affairs investigation,” Perry said. A report concluded Gallant added base pay language in 2017 without agreement to a proposed union contract when he represented the Methuen Police Superior Officers’ Association. Had the city not refused to pay and the inspector general not stepped in, Methuen would have paid $440,000 annually to certain captains.

“Capt. Gallant was afforded appropriate due process. Police Chief Scott McNamara oversaw a thorough investigation which has concluded, the results of which justifies the termination action taken today,” Perry said.

Gallant, former Police Chief Joseph E. Solomon and former Mayor Stephen Zanni were identified in 2020 by state Inspector General Glenn A. Cunha as part of a “failure of leadership at all levels” in Methuen when the police contract was approved.

Cunha wrote, Gallant “Knowingly included language in the Superiors’ contract that the city had not agreed to. By adding language that the parties did not agree to and not disclosing that fact to the city’s negotiating team, Capt. Gallant acted in bad faith.”

Cunha also wrote “Solomon remained silent about this change even after the financial impact of the superiors’ contract came to light and “even after the City was facing a serious budget shortfall.”

Gallant may appeal Perry’s decision to the state Civil Service Commission.

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