Haverhill Schools Prepare to Close Current Year, Start Summer Programs and Expand in the Fall

Crowell School (WHAV News file photograph.)

Haverhill Public Schools are getting ready to close the current year, but planning ahead for summer school and expansion and improvements in the fall.

The School District is expanding enrollment at its Gateway Alternative School next year and will holding a cookout this afternoon for parents, guardians and students to meet the staff and ask questions. School Superintendent Margaret Marotta, a guest Tuesday on WHAV’s morning program, said the Gateway School has been a small program for students struggling at the high school level. Starting this fall, it expands to include students in the seventh and eighth grades.

“So, it’s going to be located, presently, at the Crowell School, over in Riverside. We are going to start our school there. We’ll probably grow it eventually and, for anybody who might be interested in those grades we are having a cookout this Thursday night starting at five at the Crowell School. People can go to our website and we’d love to have people just come down, meet the staff and see if the school makes sense for them,” Marotta said.

Marotta said the Gateway School is limited to around 120 students versus the 2,000 students at Haverhill High School. She said some of the indicators that a student may benefit from the program may be that a student believes Haverhill High isn’t a good fit for them or they may have issues with attendance, grades or the social aspect to going to school. Marotta says some students just need a smaller, more personalized, school to thrive.

On another topic, Marotta said finals at the high school are this week. Next Tuesday night will see ceremonies marking the end of the school year, and Wednesday, June 15, is the final day of the school year.

“So, we are winding down next week for this school year, but then we are winding back up at the end of June for the summer program at the high school and, mid-July, for our summer camps and summer programs at all of our other schools. So, if there are any parents out there listening, just realizing now that summer is two weeks away and they need to make a plan for their child, we do have some space left, and they can get in touch with the office at their school,” she noted

Meanwhile, registration is ongoing for students entering kindergarten in the fall, along with new students to the Haverhill School system. Haverhill school officials are in the process of hiring teachers and support staff for the new school year.

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