Podcast: 215th Army Band of the Massachusetts Army National Guard Performs July 7

Haverhill Veterans Services Officer Jeffrey C. Hollett. (WHAV News photograph.)

Residents have a rare opportunity to hear the 215th Army Band of the Massachusetts Army National Guard perform in early July at Haverhill’s Riverside Park.

Haverhill Veterans Services Officer Jeffrey C. Hollett, a recent guest on WHAV’s morning program, says a free concert takes place Thursday, July 7, thanks to the efforts of Veterans Northeast Outreach Center and the city.

“The VENOC reached out to us because they were in contact with the commander of the 215th Army Band, and the Army Band actually had a cancellation. They are performing down in Fall River and the week falling on the seventh there was an opening. Through that contact with the VENOC they reached out to me and I reached out to the communications director for the city’s mayor and we were able to put that together pretty quickly,” he said.

Hollett says just about everyone will be hearing something they enjoy.

“They actually consist of 25 to 30 different performers and within those performers they actually play down to what they call musical performance teams. So, they cover everything from pop to classical. They have a vocal quartet. They even do drum and fife. So, they are a very diverse crew and they kind of have a mission. Their mission is telling the Army story as well as honoring our veterans and making community ties throughout Massachusetts,” he explains.

Hollett says the performance is scheduled for Thursday, July 7, from 6-8:30 p.m., at Haverhill’s Riverside Park. Discussions are underway to determine if fireworks can be added to the evening. He’s also working with other city departments about the possibility of having food vendors on site

“It’s great because the 215th Army Band appeals to everyone, so whatever your musical tastes or likes are there’s definitely going to be something for everyone down there. So, we want everyone to come on down, enjoy the day, enjoy the bands, hopefully the fireworks to follow and make a picnic of it, and have a wonderful day. Meet some veterans while you’re down there.”

Hollett says, as Haverhill’s new veterans services officer, he is views the evening as a way to give back to the community.

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