Expanded Methuen Police Crime Analysis Brings Arrest in Alleged Catalytic Converter Thefts

Methuen Police Station. (WHAV News file photograph.)

Methuen Police Department Director of Crime Analysis and Disorder Dawn Reeby’s analysis of local crime trends—particularly the recent thefts of catalytic converters—led to one arrest late last week

Police Chief Scott J. McNamara said Monday Reeby collected data on catalytic converter thefts in Methuen and surrounding towns. She analyzed similarities among the cases across the region and produced bulletins for patrol officers and helped patrol supervisors deploy officers.

Last Thursday afternoon Officer Brandon LaFlamme used the information when he came in contact with 52-year-old Mark Cristaldi in the area of Granite Street, where several catalytic converter thefts had been reported. Cristaldi, with no known address, was wanted on a warrant obtained by North Andover Police for alleged similar thefts. He was charged with larceny over $1,200 and six counts of malicious damage to a motor vehicle. A further search located a Kwik Force Stun Gun and the additional charge of illegal possession of a stun gun.

“Crime analysis allows us to focus our limited resources during the time periods and locations that are likely to give us the best results,” said McNamara. “This is the first of many wins for crime analysis in the MPD. I’m betting there will be many more.”

Reeby previously worked as a crime analyst for the Lowell Police Department and began working full time for Methuen Police last month. McNamara explained Officer Gina Scanlon has served as a part-time crime analyst since 2012, but the chief sought to make the job full time.

Cristaldi was arraigned n the charges at Lawrence District Court.

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