Haverhill High Students Complain New ID Requirement Causes Problems at Events

Game field at Haverhill Stadium. (WHAV News file photograph)

The recent addition of student identification cards at Haverhill High School, a measure put in place to help protect pupils, is causing some confusion around after-school activities.

Two Haverhill High students addressed the School Committee at Thursday’s meeting, complaining some students were turned away from a recent school-sponsored dance because they had not brought their school ID with them. Committee member Scott W. Wood Jr. told those students he had heard about the issue and thought a little common sense should have prevailed.

“I did get a couple of calls from parents of students who were denied admission in. My understanding was they didn’t have their ID, but a staff member said ‘I know who they are, they’re a senior’ and they were still denied admission even though there was, legitimately a Haverhill High School staff member there saying ‘They’re a student here. Let them in,” he said.

School Superintendent Margaret Marotta responded she realizes the ID cards are new and perhaps a bit confusing, but offered a simple suggestion.

“I know kids lose IDs and things all the time. What they don’t tend to lose as often is their phones. So, feel free to take a picture of your ID and have it on your phone. That will be accepted and you can use that at any time,” she advised.

Committee member Paul A. Magliocchetti added that following two years of COVID-19, students need these recreational outlets and he hoped those in charge would find a solution to the problem.

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