Veras Becomes Diversity Chair of Haverhill Republican Committee

Alex Veras. (Courtesy screen capture.)

The Haverhill Republican Committee recently named Alex Veras as its diversity chair.

Jeralyn Levasseur, chair of the Haverhill Republican Committee, said the goal is to “bring depth to our committee by reaching out to our distinctive ethnic groups here in Haverhill.”

“Alex will help us create an all-encompassing environment that fully harnesses the benefits of a diverse Committee. We will foster real organization change by having a dedicated focus on inclusion priorities,” she said.

Veras noted Haverhill’s growing diversity is evidenced by voters’ approval of changing the way the City Council is elected.

“For the GOP to be competitive, we need to reach out to urban centers. Past leadership of the MaGOP has been desultory in this endeavor. This has been one of many reasons under prior leadership, MaGOP faces daunting challenges in winning future elections. Also, not just minorities, but our brothers and sisters in the LGBT community have asked is there a party in Haverhill?” Veras said in a statement.

Veras also noted GOP progress in the American south and southwest. “We have a great slate of women candidates running in Texas. We also need to let others know that you can be a Republican in Massachusetts and not move to Florida to be one. We need to reach out to all and all are welcome.,” he added.

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