Hash Browns Order Brings Arrest of 21-Year-Old for Haverhill Armed Robbery and Assault and Battery

(File photograph.)

A 21-year-old Lynn man was arrested by Haverhill Police Monday morning within minutes of the man allegedly threatening to stab restaurant workers and stealing hash browns.

Wetsny Louicius was charged with armed robbery and assault and battery.

According to court documents, a South Main Street restaurant employee took an order of hash browns from Louicius around 9 a.m. and advised the man two would be a better value. The server told police Louicius then reportedly swore, said he wouldn’t pay, ran behind the counter and took hash browns from a station. When the server moved for her telephone, the man “grabbed her arm tight” and also reached into his backpack. The employee did not see a weapon, but feared one. Another employee told police he heard Louicius claim he had a knife and threatened to “stab” them before fleeing across the street.

While an officer spoke with store staff, other officers indicated by radio they spotted a man matching the man’s description outside the Ferry Street offices of the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families. Police drove the second employee by the man for confirmation. Upon arrest, documents report, police found a pair of scissors in Louicius’ backpack. Court documents suggest the man is unemployed.

Louicius was arraigned at Haverhill District Court.

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