Pentucket Regional High Juniors Take Gold, Silver and Bronze Etymology Awards

Pentucket Regional High School students, from left to right, receiving awards were Yanni Kakouris, Stratton Seymour, Owen Tedeschi, Caitlin Armao, Kate Drislane, and Elizabeth Murphy. (Courtesy photograph.)

Six Pentucket Regional High School juniors recently scored gold, silver and bronze awards after taking the advanced National Classical Etymology Exam.

The examination, sponsored by the National Junior Classical League, is designed to test a student’s ability to decipher Latin and Greek derivatives and their use in the English language. Participation in the exam is voluntary for students in Honors Latin IV, but all 10 Pentucket Honors Latin IV students chose to participate.

Based on their scores, gold medals were awarded Owen Tedeschi and Caitlin Armao, silver medals to Kate Drislane and Yanni Kakouris and bronze medals to Elizabeth Murphy and Stratton Seymour. Students also received a certificate of recognition.

“The NCEE exam was optional, but all of my students welcomed the challenge with enthusiasm,” said Latin teacher Leanne Villani. “The exam required a lot of practice and preparation, and I commend the students for their hard work. I could not be prouder of the results.”

Principal Jonathan Seymour Villani helped students prepare for the test by incorporating exam topics into the Latin curriculum. She taught students how to approach and solve unknown words through derivatives with a variety of methods, including online derivative games using Kahoot and Quizlet, and playing traditional Latin Scrabble.

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