Massachusetts Farm Bureau Federation Names Haverhill Farm Dog as ‘Best Buddy’

Ian is a two-year-old Pembroke Welsh Corgi. (Courtesy photographs.)

A Pembroke Welsh Corgi, who takes charge at a Haverhill farm, was recently named “Best Buddy” in a contest put on by the Massachusetts Farm Bureau Federation.

Two-year-old Ian was one of four honored last week in the Farm Bureau’s 2022 Farm Dog of the Year. The contest took place during late December with judging on the Federation’s Facebook page. Entries included written responses and photographs to showcase individual dogs’ dedication to farm life.

“Do you remember as a kid hearing about parents who would tell their children ‘The dog went off to live on a farm?’ It wasn’t really a happy ending. Well, I’m so fortunate to be able to say my dog lives on a farm,” owner Marjorie Proulx noted in Ian’s contest entry.

Proulx, her husband Brian and daughter Tara opened Stone Ridge Farm Equestrian in September of 2020 at 490 Kenoza St., in Haverhill.

“Ian loves working on our horse farm. He is so proud and loves the attention from everyone. Ian always wants to ride along whether it’s in the truck or on the ATV. He is an overseer/supervisor by nature,” Proulx wrote.

During the contest, the Farm Bureau named “Bear Paw,” a New Braintree guard dog, as farm dog of the year. Bear Paw, alongside Mr. Magoo and Moose, all Maremmas, protect 10 species of livestock on 77 acres in New Braintree. Since owner Rhonda Howe adopted these three guard dogs, the farm’s predator attacks dropped to zero.

Other winners were, “Hardest Worker” Lassie, owned by Rena Grover from Bernardston, and “Best Napper” Gus, owned by Valerie Fasano from Spencer.

The contest was sponsored by The Pet Food Institute and winners received a gift basket of pet-themed items.

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