Podcast: Pentucket Superintendent Bartholomew Heaps Praise on Field Hockey Coach Beaton

Pentucket Regional High School recently received national recognition for its field hockey program.

Pentucket Regional Superintendent Justin Bartholomew, who was a recent guest on WHAV’s morning program, praised veteran coach Ruth Beaton. She led the team to a record of 19-2-1 and a berth in the State Tournament’s Final Four, which Bartholomew says, is the best record in Pentucket history.

“She’s been in the program almost 30 years. Because of the amazing obstacles they overcame, their incredible run in the state tournament, she was recognized as the United States Field Hockey Coach of the Year. Just a shout out to Ruth Beaton, well deserved, Pentucket graduate and you can’t beat it when you have a hometown person who just instills all the virtues, values and work ethic into the next generation of kids. You just love to see it, and that recognition is so well deserved, he adds.

Bartholomew also raised a mystery about a recently recovered class ring. It was found by someone working on a house in Haverhill, who brought it to Bartholomew’s office.

“He had with him an old Pentucket Regional High School Class ring, class of 1968. He was doing work on a house in Haverhill, and it just kind of fell out of the ceiling. It’s in great shape. There are initials on it, they are G.A.H. and, in the class of 68 yearbook, there is nobody with those initials, G.A.H.  So, what we are trying to do is to help this gentleman reunite the ring with the owner of the ring,” he explains.

If anyone has information about the original owner, who would have marked G.A.H. on  the class of 1968 ring, is asked to call the Pentucket Regional School District office at 978-363-2280.

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