Dumpsters to Collect Overflow Cardboard Arrive in Plaistow, N.H.

File photograph. (Image licensed by Ingram Image.)

Cardboard-only recycling dumpsters are now available to Plaistow, N.H., residents.

The trial program is designed to address overflowing cardboard in residential carts and not intended to replace the receptacles. Because dumpsters are locked, residents must break down cardboard to slide it through the opening.

Dumpster locations are: Town Hall Annex, 14 Elm St.; Public Works Garage, 144F Main St.; Vic Geary Center, 0 Greenough Road; and Red Oak Drive, at the turnabout between the commercial and residential areas, but not in the residential cul-de-sac area.

Officials said recycling provides a significant savings. They explain it costs $84 per ton to dispose of household trash and only $25 per ton for recycling.

Those with questions may email Dee Voss, special projects coordinator, at [email protected].

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