Learn About 15,000 Crows Coming Home to Roost in Lawrence

American Crow. (Creative Commons.)

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At sundown this time of year, the skies along Lawrence’s riverfront are filled with roughly 15,000 crows from all over the region that noisily flock to trees and rooftops to sleep for the night.

Craig Gibson has been documenting this “Crow Show” for years. Beginning tomorrow, he presents two free presentations—one virtual and one in-person—in conjunction with Merrimack River Watershed Council.

Gibson delves into the crows’ mass roosting behavior Tuesday, Jan. 11, at 7 p.m., with an hour-long online slideshow presentation of “Crow Show 2022: A Virtual Tour.” The online program looks at reasons why crows gather in such great numbers along the banks of the Merrimack, where they come from,and why it is unusual.

Next Tuesday, Jan. 18, at 4:45 p.m., Gibson presents “Crow Show 2022: See It Live.” It is an in-person tour at the crow roosting location at dusk, when thousands of crows arrive and roost for the night. The location will be near the Merrimack River in North Andover or Lawrence. The exact location of the event will be announced 24 hours in advance, as the crows change the location of their roost every few days. The in-person event is limited to 20 people.

Pre-registration is required at merrimack.org/events/crow-show.

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