Plaistow Plans Public Hearing on Borrowing to Support Residential Water Hookups

Sweet Hill Water Storage Tank. (Courtesy photograph.)

Plaistow, N.H., residents who wish to tie in to the new potable water system will be able to borrow the money from the town if selectmen approve a bond issue of up to $450,000.

The Plaistow Board of Selectmen holds a public hearing on the plan next Monday, Jan. 10, at 6:40 p.m., on the second floor of Town Hall, 145 Main St., to consider the borrowing plans.

Money from the bond issue will allow residents to borrow for hook ups and pay loans back over time through water bills.

Those with concerns over accessibility to the meeting may call 603-382-5200 ext. 266 in advance for assistance.

Plaistow is connecting its existing fire suppression system to the Southern New Hampshire Regional Water Interconnection Project. It will use Manchester Water Works as a supply source,

The town constructed a 400,000-gallon Sweet Hill Road water tank and extended water pipelines to connect the tank to the system to address decades of contamination.

The gasoline additive methyl tertiary-butyl ether, MtBE for short, has been found in private, residential wells as well as potential public water sources in the town. Plaistow is one of only two communities in the state that “does not have a pond or water body sufficient for a municipal reservoir,” according to a presentation to selectmen in 2015 by Normandeau Environmental Consultants.

New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services blames the bulk of contamination on the former Lido Service Station at 78 Plaistow Road. Other pollution is also possible attributed to the Beede Waste Oil Superfund site, town landfill and salt shed and various junk yards.

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