Podcast: Host of WHAV’s ‘Melinda’s Garden Moment’ Offers Poinsettia Care Tips

(Photograph by André Karwath. Creative Commons.)

Melinda’s Garden Moments is heard Mon.-Fri. at 7:45 a.m. and 4:45 p.m. on 97.9 WHAV.

One of the most popular indoor flowering plants this time of year is the poinsettia, and WHAV’s gardening expert recently gave advice for its care.

Nationally known Melinda Myers, host of WHAV’s “Melinda’s Garden Moment,” made a special, live presentation last week on WHAV’s morning show.

“If it’s wrapped in foil, you can leave it in foil, but then the edge is down so the light gets to the leaves from top to bottom. Sometimes that foil wrap gets up over the lower leaves, light can’t get in…they turn yellow. And, when I go to parties and people are having problems with a poinsettia the first thing I do is lift it up out of the decorative basket, or foil, and there’s usually an inch of water in the bottom because, you water it properly, you don’t pour off the excess, you keep adding to it, and if the plant sits in that excess water it’s going to get some root rot,” she explains.

Myers says one can either punch holes in the foil, so it drains, and put it in a saucer. Or, you can put pebbles on the bottom.

“I like the pebble idea whether it’s in the saucer, the bottom of the foil or the decorative container or basket. It elevates the pot above any excess water, so you water thoroughly, excess collects in the pebbles that will evaporate, increase the humidity, but then I don’t have to pour it off every time I water. Not lazy, just a little input gardner. So, that’s a great way to boost your success as well,” she says.

Myers also says when purchasing plants at this time of year, make sure they are wrapped, or put in a sleeve, to protect them from the cold. They should be brought home as soon as possible and remove the wrapping, because it can shorten the plant’s life. Place the plant in a spot is away from the window, but also not next to a heating vent.

Melina Myers is a member of the National Garden Writers Hall of Fame, and her program, “Melinda’s Garden Moment” is heard weekdays at 7:45 in the morning and 4:45 in the afternoon on 97.9 WHAV. There’s more on her website MelindaMyers.com.

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