Podcast: West Newbury’s NEER – North Discusses Horse, Mule Rescue Mission Saturday

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A local organization that rescues horses, donkeys and mules and looks to find them “forever homes” plans to share its mission and needs during an open house this Saturday.

West Newbury’s New England Equine Rescue – North, known as NEER-North for short, has been on a mission since 2008 helping horses and horse owners, in crisis. Founder Mary Martin, who was a recent guest on WHAV’s morning program, gave listeners an overview of events Saturday.

“We’ll have snacks and coffee and homemade cookies and we’ll have some of our NEER gear available for sale. We also have a local author, Ginger Lane, who wrote a little book for us, children’s book, “The Story of NEER North: Through The Eyes of Mable the Donkey.” Mable was our mascot who recently passed. It’s a lovely little book for kids. We’ll have some Christmas stocking stuffer ideas,” she said.

Martin says NEER-North helps in a variety of situations, including owner surrenders, abuse and neglect where the animals are at risk. It serves as a safe haven with the intention of adoption into new families. She added, volunteers are needed to feed the animals, help clean and take on other chores. The majority of the horses are under 12 years of age. Sponsoring a horse, donkey or mule, or make a continuing financial donation, are among other ways to help.

“You could apply for monthly donations, like $5 a month. It comes out of your credit card and you don’t barely notice it. It’s a cup of coffee or two, and that adds up over the year and really helps. So, it’s a $5 investment that makes a big impact. There’re lots of ways to help. We have an event team you can join, which you can pick and choose an event you want to help. You can do one event a year. Lot’s of ways to volunteer. There’s so much to be done.”

The Open House takes place Saturday, Dec. 11, from 11 a.m.-1 p.m., at 52 Ash St., West Newbury. There’s more online at neernorth.org.

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