Veterans Northeast Outreach Center Seeks Turkeys, Toys for Local Veteran Families

File photograph. (Image licensed by Ingram Image.)

With the calendar turning to November, temperatures starting to dip and holidays just around the corner, the Veterans Northeast Outreach Center in Haverhill has several programs in need of public support.

Veterans Northeast Executive Director Scott Forbes was a guest recently on WHAV’s morning program and talked about Thanksgiving and Christmas.

“As we head into thanksgiving we have a turkey drive that we are trying to do, being able to offer, hopefully up to 100 frozen turkeys and all the trimmings to veterans and their families. And then, Toys for Tots because as Christmas and the holiday season rolls around we want to be able to provide families with toys and other items that they may not be able to afford for their kids,” he explained.

Those looking to donate frozen turkeys are asked to call the center at 978-372-3626. Veterans looking to register to receive the Thanksgiving basket are asked to call for Colleen no later than Nov. 17. Forbes said the Veterans Northeast Service Center opened this past summer, post COVID-19, and has been very busy.

“We are starting to have financial wellness classes here once a month. We are doing veterans yoga here on a periodic basis and then, a couple of Fridays every month, we are doing Bingo, so it’s part of those social programs that can get people together, the comradery about being around other fellow veterans and letting them know that 10 Reed Street, which is our Service Center and our Hall, is open to anybody that has worn a uniform,” he said.

Forbes said Veterans Northeast’s weekly food bank remains busy, with 75 people going through in just two hours this past week. The center is also collecting winter coats and clothing, especially socks, for veterans in need. He noted outdoor options are becoming limited due to the weather. Again, the Veterans Northeast Outreach Center is at 10 Reed St., in Haverhill. There’s more information at

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