Campaign Notes: Fiorentini Receives Backing of Former Mayoral Opponents

Former Haverhill Mayor James A. Rurak, left, with Mayor James J. Fiorentini in 2019. (Courtesy photograph)

A former mayor and two other well-known residents who previously ran against Mayor James J. Fiorentini are backing his re-election Tuesday, Nov. 2.

Former four-term Mayor James Rurak this week joined former City Council President Mike Bresnahan and Tyler Kimball, retired firefighter, former Firefighters Union president and former mayoral candidate in endorsing the incumbent mayor. Bresnahan, who ran for mayor against Fiorentini in 2003, said he is backing Fiorentini for his experience and record.

“Since Jim has become mayor, I’ve enjoyed watching the revitalization of downtown, the investment in our public schools, investment in our water department, our police and fire departments and the investment in all Haverhill’s beautiful parks. I am confident Mayor Fiorentini is the right man to keep Haverhill moving forward,” Bresnahan said.

City Councilors Mary Ellen Daly O’Brien and William Macek also offered endorsements of Fiorentini.

“I admire Mayor Fiorentini for always being able to make the tough decisions in the best interests of the city and taxpayers, no matter who or what he was up against,” said Daly O’Brien, a retired nurse and city councilor for more than two decades. “He hasn’t always made everyone happy, but he has always done what’s best for the city. I want to see him finish the important things he is working on right now like a new Consentino School and the redevelopment and revitalization of Merrimack Street.”

Macek, Haverhill longest serving city councilor at 13 terms, credited Mayor Fiorentini with leading Haverhill from the Hale hospital financial mess in the early 2000s one of the financially strongest cities around.

“I’ve served with Mayor Fiorentini for all 18 years he’s been mayor, and he’s done an amazing job turning Haverhill around,” Macek said. “Jim has the experience, knowledge and love of this city to continue leading us forward. I look forward to his re-election Tuesday and two more great years of optimism and progress in Haverhill.”

Others endorsing Fiorentini include Dave Hall, retired Haverhill police officer and former City Council vice president; Nomsa Ncube, community leader and food pantry volunteer; and Sarah Emilio, Haverhill High School teacher.

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