Sens. DiZoglio and Finegold Oppose Partition of Haverhill Senate Districts, But Bill Passes 36-3

Redistricting Committee Co-Chair Senator William Brownsberger reveals Senate map. (State House News Service.)

The state Senate made final Wednesday its decision to split Haverhill between districts with two of the three “no” votes coming from the Valley.

The bipartisan 36-3 vote cements a minority majority district of Lawrence, Methuen and a central section of Haverhill. It was opposed by Democratic Sens. Diana DiZoglio of Methuen, Marc Pacheco of Taunton and Barry Finegold of Andover. DiZoglio explained her opposition.

“Communities like Haverhill have been cut into pieces, and these communities need to have their voices heard before finalizing this bill. Many residents have been left wondering why their communities have been carved up. I must also share the observation that there appears to be a correlation between areas least affected by redistricting and them being represented by members who are high up in this body,” she said.

Senate Committee on Redistricting Chairman William N. Brownsberger said from the floor Haverhill may find a silver lining.

“I will say to the community of Haverhill that, bear this in mind, that communities are glad to be split, and benefit greatly from having two senators. So, you may find that with the benefit of great representation from Sen. Finegold and a new candidate, whoever that may be, that Haverhill will be extremely well represented. In some communities, they complain when they are unified because they don’t want to lose the powerful representation of two senators.”

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