Plaistow, N.H., Signs News Trash and Recycling Pact; Residents to Use Town-Supplied Carts

File photograph. (Image licensed by Ingram Image.)

Plaistow purchased carts from Cascade Cart Solutions. (Courtesy photograph.)

Plaistow, N.H., households will begin using a pair of 96-gallon carts as the town adopts the semi-automated trash and recycling system as part of a new contract with JRM Hauling of Peabody.

Plaistow purchased carts from Cascade Cart Solutions and will provide two carts, one designated by a yellow cover for recycling and one a blue cover for household waste. The carts have the town seal on them and are RFID chipped specific to each address. Carts remain the property of the town and distribution begins the week of Dec. 6. Residents may use the containers immediately upon receiving them.

In a statement, selectmen said recycling is not only better for the environment, but also helps to keep cost down. They explained it costs $84 a ton for disposal of household waste, but only $25 a ton for recyclables.

The new five-year contract begins Jan. 1. Residents will still be able to purchase stickers for the occasional excess household waste that doesn’t fit, put out one bulk item per week and still dispose of large appliances directly through JRM.

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