Haverhill Firefighters Endorse LePage for Mayor, Six Candidates for City Council

Haverhill Fire Department Local 1011 held a protest against poor working conditions and understaffing on Nov. 4, 2019. (WHAV News photograph)

Haverhill Firefighters Local 1011 is endorsing City Councilor Colin F. LePage for mayor, the re-election of two incumbent city councilors and four Council challengers.

Union President Tim Carroll thanked LePage for his role on the City Council and holding up the city budget last year until two 33-year-old fire trucks in standby service were replaced. The firefighters also endorsed incumbent Councilors John A. Michitson and Timothy J. Jordan for taking similar stances.

“For the incumbent candidates, we looked for people who have had our back when we had to go in front of City Council or we had the battle with the mayor,” Carroll told WHAV.

In statements, the union said Michitson “has a vision for the city like no other and acute respect for the city’s past while trying to prepare it for the future” and Jordan “has proven himself to be a champion for public safety, education and many other underserved areas across Haverhill.”

Carroll said the union would have endorsed Council President Melinda E. Barrett and Councilors Thomas J. Sullivan and Michael S. McGonagle had the members requested.

Challengers receiving the union’s nod were Kenneth E. Quimby Jr., Dee Jacobs O’Neil, Fred Simmons and Kenneth Stevenson. Carroll said Quimby and Simmons participated in labor rallies and held signs. The union also said Quimby won backing for supporting “much-needed staffing increases,” O’Neil because she “knows what being community-driven is all about” and Stevenson for being “committed to improving Haverhill without compromise.”

Carroll said union members will be meeting with the public this weekend. “We’re going to be out at Farmers Market on Saturday with a handout, talking about the things we’re lacking.”

He said additional visibility efforts take place Friday and Monday before the election Tuesday, Nov. 2.

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