Salem Animal Rescue League Seeks New Home; Cats Available for Adoption

File photograph. (Image licensed by Ingram Image.)

The Salem Animal Rescue League is looking for a few good acres.

The independent, nonprofit organization has been in its current location at 4 SARL Drive in Salem, N.H., for 30 years, as of 2022. It leases the site from the town, but officials say they will eventually need the space. Salem Animal Rescue League Executive Director Jinelle Hobson, a recent guest on WHAV’s morning program, explains.

“Actually we’ll be looking for a new home by 2024. So, we have started our search. We would like to stay in the Salem area, definitely in the state of New Hampshire but, we are looking for a new home for our facility,” she says.

Hobson outlines the organization’s needs. “We’re looking at about 2 ½ to 3 acres. We site on a 32-acre parcel. Our campus is probably spread out to about two acres on this location, so two and a half to three acres would be our needs for a future home.”

Hobson says a committee is looking at the tax benefits for which any potential donor may take advantage. In the meantime, she says, the past year and a half have been challenging, but still successful.

“Following all CDC and safety protocols, we still were able to provide not only adoptions, but we also provided a service to the community that was in need. We opened a local food pantry. We started in May of 2020 community medicine, which provided low-cost spay-neuter services, vaccine services. We learned a lot in 2020, but we were fairly successful in a pandemic year. Very grateful to be able to provide the services that we were,” Hobson adds.

Due to the town’s current on-site construction, and not having a canine manager, SARL doesn’t have any dogs on site available for adoption, but they do have cats.

“One thing I’d like to point out about our organization, we’re a cage-free organization when it comes to the felines, so when people come to our shelter, and go to Judy’s Kitty City, they’ll be able to sit on the floor with the cats. The cats are outside of their cages. So, a lot of times, the animals pick their family, not so much of the family coming in to pick their animals,” she says.

Hobson says they are working on a fundraiser that will be held Dec. 10, where they hope to make up some of the money they were unable to raise during 2020. There’s more online at

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