Hobbs-Everett Formally Launches Haverhill City Council Campaign, Pledges ‘Solution-Driven Strategies’

City Council candidate Katrina Hobbs-Everett, left, with state Sen. Diana DiZoglio at 2021 campaign launch. (Courtesy photograph.)

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Katrina Hobbs-Everett recently launched her campaign for Haverhill City Council with 60 guests in attendance, including state Sen. Diana DiZoglio.

Hobbs-Everett greeted voters earlier this month at La Pizza di Forno in Haverhill.

“My goal for Haverhill is to improve the overall quality of life for all citizens,” she said. “Through solution-driven strategies that come directly from our community, we can effectively identify and solve the issues limiting our city’s full potential. We all have a part to play.”

Hobbs-Everett said she has been a champion for change for the past 20 years, working collaboratively with local and state leadership to address issues that impact the city of Haverhill. As examples, she co-founded Power of Self-Education, known as POSE, a faith-based community engagement and advocacy nonprofit that focuses on grassroots organizing, youth development and cross-sector collaborations. A campaign statement reports she has been an involved member of the community, whether volunteering, collaborating with community leaders, supporting small businesses, addressing social issues or creating opportunities for every voice to be heard.

She is a member of several city and statewide committees including the City of Haverhill Mayor’s Diversity Task Force, regional executive leadership initiative LEADS, Haverhill School Committee diversity subcommittee and Massachusetts Governor’s Council to Address Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence: Public Awareness Campaign.

Hobbs-Everett has been a participating member of many local efforts such as the Haverhill Education Coalition, City of Haverhill Mayor’s Gang and Youth Violence Prevention Advisory Committee, chair of the Haverhill’s Council on Youth Needs, Haverhill Public School District’s Wellness Committee, Mount Washington Alliance Governance Committee of the Working Cities Challenge Initiative, City of Haverhill’s HOPE Task force and the City of Haverhill Mayor’s Neighborhood Advisory Group. She also founded COCO Brown, a cultural community healing center.

She is the daughter of Bishop Franklin W. Hobbs and Co-Pastor Carolyn R. Hobbs, and one of their 13 children. Hobbs-Everett is a mother of seven and married to Dennis Everett Jr.

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